Draft Kings NBA – January 19, 2017

Games and Names:

Here are some of the games and the respective names I’ll be looking at when building my DraftKings lineup for January 19, 2017

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  • Suns vs Cavaliers:   The Cavs should have no problems filling the stat sheet and as long as this a close game, I think LeBron, Love and Irving are all great options.  Keep your eye on Kevin Love who is listed as questionable, and if he doesn’t suit up tonight, Channing Frye will make a terrific cheap option. For the Suns, this may be a good game to consider Tyson Chandler and PJ Tucker as cheaper options to fill your line-up
  • Wizards vs Knicks: The Wizards are a solid offensive team, with John Wall being the main piece. Tonight they face a bad Knicks defense, so Wall, Bradley Beal and Martin Gortat are all in play as options for your line-up.  The Knicks are a very interesting option for tonight.  If Porzingis and Noah sit out once again, and no Lance Thomas Available, we have to take a good look at Derek Rose,  Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Guillermo Hernangomez.  Kuz and Hernangomez make for risky options but have a very high upside for their cheap price
  • Timberwolves vs Clippers:  This game is only on my radar because the Clippers are badly hampered by injuries to their top stars, which will mean plenty of minutes for their cheaper 2nd unit options like Austin Rivers, Mo Speights, and Raymond Felton. The absence of Chris Paul also make Ricky Rubio of the T’Wolves an  appealing option for tonight.

Going Cheap:  Raymond Felton (LAC), PJ Tucker (PHX), Channing Frye (CLE) – if Love is out

Going Big:  LeBron James (CLE); Hassan Whiteside (MIA)


Draft Kings NBA – January 18, 2017

Some Games and some Names to consider, when building your Draft Kings line-up for Jan 18, 2017 – Weds.

  • Raptors vs 76ers:  This match-up has a lot of players who are questionable to dress for tonight, which warrants our attention right up until the tip off. With Joel Embiid questionable, we now have to consider Jalil Okafor for the 76ers at C, and a familiar scenario at PG. If TJ McConnell is out with an injury, Sergio Rodrigez should be in line for big minutes.  If Embiid doesn’t play, that certainly will make the Raptors starting center, Jonas Valenciounous a more attractive option at a very reasonable price. The Raptors guards are also in a very favorable match up, so Lowry and DeRozan can both have huge outings tonight.
  • Blazers vs Hornets:  The Hornets have a big weakness on the interior, so this game is an opportunity for Mason Plumlee to fill the stat sheet.   For Charlotte, I think this match-up presents a great opportunity for Nicolas Batum and Kemba Walker. Blazers are just not a solid defensive unit and Batum and Walker should hit value with a solid game tonight
  • Knicks vs Celtics:  Celtics players rejoice. You get the terrible Knicks defense tonight, and an opportunity to shine.  Isiah Thomas and Al Hortford are in line for solid outings and should be able to justify their price vs the struggling Knicks defense.  Don’t count out the Knicks players on this night. No KP and Courtney Lee remaining on the bench, we have to consider Melo as the main scoring option, Joakim Noah as a cheaper Center alternative, and a very cheap, reisky play of at Guard – Ron Baker, who is scheduled to be in the starting five. With a cheap price tag, he is worth a look to save money for other big names
  • Bucks vs Rockets:  What do you get when you put 2 offensively talented teams who have issues on defense ?  You get ample opportunity for big fantasy outputs.  For the Bucks, the Greak Freak should be one of highest point producers this evening. The Rockets push the temp, and they don’t defend particularly well, so Antekounmpo should fill the stat sheet.  Greg Monroe is an interesting option, because the Rockets would struggle to defend him in the post, but will Jason Kidd give him minutes in a game that figures to be an uptempo match-up.  Pay attention to the secondary scoring options on both teams, as there should be plenty of shots to go around. For the Bucks, Jabari Parker should have a big night, while for Houston, guys like Ryan Anderson, Pat Beverly, and even Montrezl Harrell warrant consideration. ( If Ryan Anderson is out, a risky alternative is Sam Dekker or Corey Brewer.
  • Warriors vs Thunder: KD returns to OKC wearing the Warriors jersey. This is bound to be an explosive game with points not being an issue. Of course I expect another triple double from Russ ( and that already should be enough to build a line-up around him ), but I also like the matchup for Enes Kanter at Center, with Adams not available to go for OKC.  For the Warriors, this is a pick em situation, but I believe Draymond Green, KD, and Klay Thompson make sense. Points will be scored plenty and often. Let’s hope it’s a close game so we can get our money’s worth on the top players for both teams

Going Cheap:  Ron Baker (Knicks); Montzell Harrell ( Rockets )

Going Big:  Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks), Russ Westbrook (OKC); Kevin Durant (GSW)

Draft Kings NBA – January 17, 2017

Some Games and some Names:

Here are the games and the names I’ll be monitoring tonight when putting together my Draft Kings NBA line-up

  • Rockets vs Heat:  The wide open style of the Houston Rockets is in for a stern defensive test vs. the scrappy Heat. But it’s the guys on the Heat squad who I think have a great match-up to shine in the DFS world.  Hassan Whiteside should be a force against the undersized Rockets. Goran Dragic and Tyler Johnson should have plenty of good looks at the guard position, and James Johnson continues to put up solid numbers at Forward.
  • Raptors vs Nets:  The Nets ineptitude to defend will make this a dream match-up for guys like DeRozan and Lowry, while Valenciounis and DeMarre Carroll all warrant a look. Let’s hope it’s not a blowout so the Toronto guards can log big minutes. For the Nets, with the continued absence of Jeremy Lin, you have couple of cheap, but risky options. Consider guys like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and also, as a risky daily play, Spencer Dinwiddie
  • Nuggets vs Lakers:  This is primed to be a huge game for Nicola Jokic if he can stay out of foul trouble. The Lakers will run into problems defending him tonight.  Two young guards in this game have a high ceiling, and both should be going head to head. D’Angello Russell of the Lakers and Emanuel Mudiya of the Nuggets both have an opportunity to have solid numbers in this game.

Going Cheap:  Spencer Dinwiddie (Nets)

Going Big:  Nicola Jokic (Nuggets); Hassan Whiteside (Heat); DeMar DeRozan (Raptors)

Draft Kings NBA – January 16, 2017

Names and Games:

Here are the Games and the Names I’ll be looking at, when building my line-up for today:

  • ATL vs NY:  It’s that same theme. Knicks defense continues to invite great match-ups and this afternoons game is no different.  This is a high ceiling game for Dwight Howard, Paul Millsap and Dennis Shreoder of the Hawks. The Knicks do warrant a look as Lance Thomas is out with an injury, and Porzingis is a game time call, so consider Kuzminkas as a cheap option with a good upside. If KP doesn’t go, Derek Rose gets a boost in his value as well.
  • POR vs WAS:  This should be high octane right after the tip-off.  Both teams like to push the ball and the the offense is all about the backcourt.  Both big men in this game, Marticn Gortat and Plumlee deserve a look. They can both put up solid numbers in this game.  Of course Lillard / McCallum and Wall / Beal are primed to have good numbers in a high scoring game
  • PHI vs MIL:  The 76ers are suddenly an exciting team full of DFS options. None of them are a sure thing, but Embiid is as close as you can come to one, and Covington is a nice mid-price option for your line-up as well.  Defensively, they continue to have their issues, and that makes it a great opportunity for The Greak Freak to shine in this game, but don’t forget about Jabari Parker as well in this one.

Going Cheap:  Midaugas Kuzminskas (NYK)

Going Big:  G. Antitokounmpto (MIL)

Draft Kings NBA – January 13, 2017

Games and Names:

Here are the Games and Names I’ll be looking at when building my line-up for tonight:

CHA vs PHI = This game features young talent for PHI, but also provides CHA a chance to play against a bad defense. TJ McConnell, and Joel Embiid are becoming excellent daily options, while guys like Robert Covington, Dario Saric and Irsan Ilyasova warrant consideration.  For Charlotte, this may be a good opportunity to shine vs. a struggling team, so guys like Kemba Walker and Nik Batum have a great opportunity to fill up the box score tonight.

BKL vs TOR = A very favorable match-up for the Raptors, as the Nets defensive woes continue.  DeRozan and Lowry shouldn’t have a problem putting up huge numbers while Valencious makes for an interesting option at a cheaper price.  For the Nets, with Jeremy Lin out, I like Sean Kilpatrick as a cheap option to plug into your line-up

OKC vs MIN=  Russell Westbrook…against anyone, at any price, is a good investment

CLE vs SAC = Another struggling team on tap for the Cavaliers, and their big 3.  If this game doesn’t become a blow-out I love the match-up for Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

MEM vs HOU = We know what Houston is about, and that’s putting up points in bunches, and doing so in a hurry. That comes at a cost of letting the opposition having a ton of possessions of their own. So while you are debating if you want to use Harden tonight, also consider some option for MEM starting with Mike Conley, but also take a look at the Grizzlies bigs like Marc Gasol and the old man himself Zach Randolph. Memphis should have a definite size advantage, and let’s hope they use it

Draft Kings NBA – January 12, 2017

The Games and Names:

Here are the games and some of the names I am focusing on for Draft Kings NBA taking place Thursday, January 12, 2017

  • NO vs BKLYN:  Brooklyn has a terrible defense, especially so in the back-court, so I love Jrue Holliday for tonight.  On the cheaper side, take a look at Buddy Hield, the streaky shooting guard for NO, who is getting minutes, is not afraid to shoot, and has a great match-up tonight. Could be a nice sleeper
  • CHI vs NY:  The Bulls deserve a look for two reasons.  Injuries = opportunities for guys who are cheap. Knicks = one of the worst defensive funks in the entire league.  The Bulls give us a few interesting options for tonight, starting with D. Wade being the main man on offense with no Butler available for this game.  Along with Wade we have Denzel Valentine for the Bulls, coming off a career game, which should earn him extended run tonight, vs. the terrible Knicks Defense. While on the Bulls, I don’t think Taj Gibson and Robin Lopez should be outside of your consideration either. The Knicks just can’t defend right now.  The Bulls have their own defensive issues, and while they are struggling on defense, the Knicks have some interesting options for tonight vs the Bulls.  Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose will def. be up and ready for this game, so they are worth a look if you are looking to score a couple of guys that won’t break the bank, and have a high ceiling tonight.  Melo of course, should continue to be an offensive force.
  • DET vs GSW:  The Warriors continue to be the greatest offensive team of recent memory, but it’s their defense that forces me to look at their opposition,  The Warriors give up a lot of offensive touches due to their own high octane style.  For this game, Andre Drummond has an opportunity to dominate the boards, while Tobias Harris and Reggis Jackson should have all the looks they can handle as long as DET keeps this a game.

GOING CHEAP:  Denzel Valentin (CHI); Buddy Hield (NO)

GOING BIG: Anthony Davis (NO); Kevin Durant (GSW); Carmelo Anthony (NYK)

Draft Kings NBA – January 11, 2017

The Games and the names to follow:

  • Knicks vs 76ers:  We have 2 struggling teams who have major issues playing defense.  For the 76ers, I love TJ McConnell at PG, Robert Covington at the Forward and uber talented big man Joel Embiid.  For the Knicks this can be a favorable match-up for anyone of their big 3 – Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Derek Rose
  • Wizards vs Celtics:  Both teams have no issues scoring and have all world Guards who like to push the ball. Both teams are on the 2nd part of a back to back game, so some fatigue maybe a factor, but if the game goes high pace as anticipated we have options to consider on both sides with Boston having Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and Al Hortford, while on the Wizards, John Wall, Otto Porter, Bradley Beal and Marcin Gortat deserve attention
  • Cavaliers vs Blazers:  This is a great match-up for the Cavs, and especially Kevin Love who should thrive against the Blazers.  For Portland , it’s about Lillard and McCollum leading the way, but don’t sleep on Plumlee who is playing terrific basketball and is a intriguing fantasy option

Going Cheap: T.J. McConnell ( 76ers) and Kelly Olynyk (BOS)

Going Big:  Joel Embiid (76ers); Carmelo Anthony (NYK); Isiah Thomas (BOS); Kevin Love (CLE)

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