Draft Kings NBA – February 8, 2017

Here are the games and the names I’ll be monitoring for my #DFS #DraftKings NBA line-up on Weds. February 8, 2017

  • San Antonio Spurs vs Philadelphia 76ers:  It is never a safe bet when you are talking a Spurs game, and big fantasy output, but this match-up is worth monitoring. Joel Embiid is out for the 76ers, so Jahlil Okafor and Norlens Noel will find themselves playing extra minutes tonight. Same goes for David Lee with the absence of Pau Gasol.   76ers also offer us TJ McConnell as a nice mid-price option at PG
  • Washington Wizards vs Brooklyn Nets:  Wizards are quickly becoming a primary destination for Daily Fantasy Sports Option. They play a high paced game and often find themselves in high scoring games.  Adding the fact that their opponent tonight are the woeful Brooklyn Nets, the Wizards are primed to put up a ton of point, but his game does offer us a risk of a blowout.  Hoping it remains a semi-competitive game,  we have to give serious consideration to John Wall, Bradley Beal, Martin Gortat and Otto Porter.
  • LA Clippers vs New York Knicks:  The Knicks defense continues to get worse with each game so I expect a solid outing from a lot of the Clippers players.  Blake Griffin, Austin Rivers, JJ Reddick and DeAndre Jordan are all in play with a potential to have a very strong outing tonight.  The Knicks do offer us a couple of options worth considering as well. Willy Hernangomez is sure to get serious playing time with the continued absence of Joakim Noah, while Derek Rose should capitalize on the thin Clipppers backcourt, and should have a solid outing tonight
  • Boston Celtics vs Sacramento Kings:  This game deserves our full attention. It’s full of risky plays, and there is a chance the Celtics will run away in this one, but the Kings are without DeMarcus Cousins, which opens up possibilities on both teams, to take full advantage. With no Cousins, we have should take a long look at Matt Barnes, Darren Collison and Ty Lawson as the names who will carry the offense, but also, don’t forget to take a look at Costa Koufas and Willy Cauley Stein as cheap options on the Kings.  The Celtics should shine in this game, and Isiah Thomas, Al Hortford and Jae Crowder are all worthy of consideration for tonight.

Going Cheap:  Brandon Ingram (LAL); Costa Koufas (SAC); Jahlil Okafor (PHI)

Going Big:  Isiah Thomas ( BOS); Kevin Love (CLE); Steph Curry (GSW)


Draft Kings NBA – February 2, 2017

Here are the games and the names I will be monitoring for my DFS Basketball line-up on February 2nd, 2017

  • L.A. Lakers vs Washington Wizards:  The Lakers are a bad defensive team, with no interior defense, while the Wizards like to push the ball, which ends up creating high scoring games, but also gives extra possessions to their opponents.  For Washington, I really like Markieff Morris and Martin Gortat to have a solid game and rack up fantasy points to meet or exceed value, while for the Lakers I like D’Agnello Russell if he is healthy and cleared to play.
  • Atlanta Hawks vs Houston Rockets:  One of the more interesting game on the menu, since both teams have issues on defense, but will not struggle to score on offense.  The Hawks offer interesting options with a high ceiling in the form of Dennis Schroeder and Paul Millspap, but let’s not forget about Dwight Howard and Kent Bazemore as solid options to have strong games tonight.  On the other side of the ball, for the Rockets, we continue to look at James Harden, as he is capable to extraordinary numbers, and as his sidekicks go, I am looking at Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon as cheaper options to fill out some roster spots.
  • LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors:  This should be a game that will produce high scoring and solid box score numbers … as long as it’s not a blowout, which is a possibility.  The Clippers are still without Chris Paul, so their Guards give us interesting options in the form of Austin Rivers, JJ Reddick and Raymond Felton, while Blake Griffin is my pick to have a very solid game.  On the other side, for the Warriors, I like their Guards Steph Curry and Clay Thompson to have very strong games, but once again, this game does pose the possibility of a blow out which will limit the minutes played by the Superstars
  • Going CHEAP:  Raymond Felton (LAC); Kent Bazemore (ATL)
  • Going BIG:  James Harden (HOU); Blake Griffin (LAC)

Draft Kings NBA – January 27, 2017

Here are some games and some names worth considering for your DFS Draft Kings NBA line-up for Friday, January 2017

  • Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers;  The Cavaliers have been struggling and the Nets offer the recipe to fix that, in the form of a terrible defense.  This should be a game where LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love take care of business.  This has a potential for a blowout, but if it remains a game, those 3 will do the heavy lifting and fill up the stat sheet.  For the Nets, I continue to look at Caris LaVert , who continues to force his way into meaningful minutes and is still priced at only 4k.
  • Houston Rockets vs Philadelphia 76ers;  We know what the Rockets will give us. High octane offense with a ton of scoring, all orchestrated by James Harden who is positioned for a huge game tonight.  I also like Patrick Beverly of the Rockets as a nice cheaper option for your line-up.  The 76ers make for an excellent option tonight. Houston doesn’t have the bigs to contains the weapons Philadelphia has, so monitor which of the bigs will be playing tonight. Embiid, and Okafor make for a great option, but if one of them is out tonight, Norelen Noel is a great cheap, athletic big who will find himself in a very good match-up vs. The Rockets.  Don’t forget Robert Covington, TJ McConnell and Ersan Ilaysova, who are all capable of lighting it up in a high scoring game where playing defense will be a foreign concept.
  • Washington Wizards vs Atlanta Hawks;   If you are looking  for some git names that are just below the 10k price point, this game should offer great options.  John Wall, Markieff Morris and Bradley Beal of the Wizards while the Hawks should not have any issues to put up solid numbers behind the play of Paul Millsap, Dwight Howard and Dennis Schroeder.

Going Cheap:  Guillermo Hernangomez (NYK); Nerlens Noel (PHI – Embiid or Okafor are out )

Going Big:  LeBron James (CLE); James Harden (HOU); Kyrie Irving (CLE)

Draft Kings (DFS ) NBA – Jan. 24, 2017

Here are the Games and Names I’ll be paying attention to, for my DraftKings NBA line-up on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

  • Celtics vs Wizards:  The match-up of all world PGs, and you can’t go wrong with either guy. Both John Wall for Washington and Isiah Thomas for Boston are primed to have a big night in what figures to be a high scoring game. Both teams run deeper than just 1 star, and on this day, I like Bradley Beal for Washington and Al Hortford and Jae Crowder to have big nights for Boston
  • Clippers vs 76ers: This is very interesting match-up with a lot of potential in my eyes.  The Clippers are hampered by injuries and have a lot of cheaper options. They are risky, but they do have a high ceiling and can be an absolute steal on any given night. Take a look at Raymond Felton, Austin Rivers and JJ Reddick as well as Mo Speights for the Clippers.  The 76ers have been playing excellent basketball and TJ McConnell is a great play for tonight with no Chris Paul to contend with.  Robert Covington and Ersan Ilyasova also make for interesting plays this evening with a high ceiling against the depleted Clips.
  • T’Wolves vs Suns:  The Suns have their issues on defense, and with the T’Wolves collection of young stars, the roster is worth a look. We all know Carl Anthony Towns, the high priced star of the T’Wolves, but I also love this match up for the athletic forward Gorgei Deng and even Zach LaVine should warrant a look.  On the Suns, it’s the Eric Bledsoe show and he is always in play as the main attraction of the Suns offense.

Going Cheap:  Gorgui Deng (MIN); JJ Reddick (LAC);

Going Big:  Isiah Thomas (BOS); Eric Bledsoe (PHO);

Draft Kings NBA – January 20, 2017

Games and Names:

Here are some games and respective names on my radar, when building my DraftKings line-up for Friday, January 20, 2017

  • Trail Blazers vs 76ers:   This can end up being a great match-up for both teams. The 76ers find themselves in a favorable match-up for Joel Embiid, while for Portland, Damian Lillard should shine against the Philadelphia guards.  Don’t forget to look beyond the teams biggest stars.  Both teams have their share of defensive issues which can open up the door for guys like Irsan Ilyasova, TJ McConnell and Robert Covington to put solid numbers.
  • Nets vs Pelicans:  The Pelicans get a great match-up vs a team that doesn’t do a good job slowing anyone down. Jrue Holliday and Anthony Davis should shine vs the struggling Nets.   The Pelicans do have some issues of their own, and the Nets offer some cheaper, but riskier options.  I like how R.Hollis-Jefferson has looked the last couple of games, and will strongly consider riding him while this type of output continues.
  • Warriors vs Rockets:  Ok, I know I am stating the obvious here, but this should be as fun and high scoring as a game can get.  Load up, because if it stays close, this is the one that should produce huge stat lines for multiple players.  For The Warriors, Durant is primed for another big game, while Steph, Draymond Green, and Klay all make for a great option. Don’t forget the cheap Center, Zaza Pachulia who has a good chance to surpass 20 fantasy points in this game. For the Rockets it’s all about James Harden, but his supporting cast is in a great position for a solid game.  Patrick Beverly, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon…you are all in the mix !

Going Cheap:  Zaza Pachulia (Warriors); Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Nets)

Going Big:  Kevin Durant (Warriors); James Harden (Rockets); Anthony Davis (NO)

Draft Kings NBA – January 19, 2017

Games and Names:

Here are some of the games and the respective names I’ll be looking at when building my DraftKings lineup for January 19, 2017

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  • Suns vs Cavaliers:   The Cavs should have no problems filling the stat sheet and as long as this a close game, I think LeBron, Love and Irving are all great options.  Keep your eye on Kevin Love who is listed as questionable, and if he doesn’t suit up tonight, Channing Frye will make a terrific cheap option. For the Suns, this may be a good game to consider Tyson Chandler and PJ Tucker as cheaper options to fill your line-up
  • Wizards vs Knicks: The Wizards are a solid offensive team, with John Wall being the main piece. Tonight they face a bad Knicks defense, so Wall, Bradley Beal and Martin Gortat are all in play as options for your line-up.  The Knicks are a very interesting option for tonight.  If Porzingis and Noah sit out once again, and no Lance Thomas Available, we have to take a good look at Derek Rose,  Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Guillermo Hernangomez.  Kuz and Hernangomez make for risky options but have a very high upside for their cheap price
  • Timberwolves vs Clippers:  This game is only on my radar because the Clippers are badly hampered by injuries to their top stars, which will mean plenty of minutes for their cheaper 2nd unit options like Austin Rivers, Mo Speights, and Raymond Felton. The absence of Chris Paul also make Ricky Rubio of the T’Wolves an  appealing option for tonight.

Going Cheap:  Raymond Felton (LAC), PJ Tucker (PHX), Channing Frye (CLE) – if Love is out

Going Big:  LeBron James (CLE); Hassan Whiteside (MIA)

Draft Kings NBA – January 10, 2017

The Games and the Names:

– Bulls vs. Wizards: With Chicago going without Wade and Butler, a lot of the secondary guys will get plenty of minutes, and a chance to shine. Take a look at guys like Valentine, McDermott and Gibson on Chicago. For the Wizards, this should be a great match up vs. a struggling team, and all the Wizards guys have high upside, ( Wall, Beal, Gortat, Porter )

– Hawks vs Nets: The Nets continue to struggle defensively, being a great fantasy matchup for the opposition. I believe Dennis Schroeder and Paul Millsap are primed for a big performance tonight

– Heat vs Warriors: For the Heat, you have to consider Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic, and Tyler Johnson. While the Heat are not likely to win the game, they will have plenty of opportunities vs Warriors to score and rebound in bunches in a fast paced game.

– Lakers vs Blazers: This one figures to be an offensive affair so many of the participants deserve a good look. On the Lakers, I love the matchup for Julius Randle, D’Angello Russel and Lou Williams, while for the Blazers, I think Plumlee is bound to continue his excellent play, while Lillard and CJ McCollum should have a big scoring night.

Going Cheap:  Denzell Valentine (CHI)

Going Big:  Damian Lillard (POR)