Draft Kings NBA – February 8, 2017

Here are the games and the names I’ll be monitoring for my #DFS #DraftKings NBA line-up on Weds. February 8, 2017

  • San Antonio Spurs vs Philadelphia 76ers:  It is never a safe bet when you are talking a Spurs game, and big fantasy output, but this match-up is worth monitoring. Joel Embiid is out for the 76ers, so Jahlil Okafor and Norlens Noel will find themselves playing extra minutes tonight. Same goes for David Lee with the absence of Pau Gasol.   76ers also offer us TJ McConnell as a nice mid-price option at PG
  • Washington Wizards vs Brooklyn Nets:  Wizards are quickly becoming a primary destination for Daily Fantasy Sports Option. They play a high paced game and often find themselves in high scoring games.  Adding the fact that their opponent tonight are the woeful Brooklyn Nets, the Wizards are primed to put up a ton of point, but his game does offer us a risk of a blowout.  Hoping it remains a semi-competitive game,  we have to give serious consideration to John Wall, Bradley Beal, Martin Gortat and Otto Porter.
  • LA Clippers vs New York Knicks:  The Knicks defense continues to get worse with each game so I expect a solid outing from a lot of the Clippers players.  Blake Griffin, Austin Rivers, JJ Reddick and DeAndre Jordan are all in play with a potential to have a very strong outing tonight.  The Knicks do offer us a couple of options worth considering as well. Willy Hernangomez is sure to get serious playing time with the continued absence of Joakim Noah, while Derek Rose should capitalize on the thin Clipppers backcourt, and should have a solid outing tonight
  • Boston Celtics vs Sacramento Kings:  This game deserves our full attention. It’s full of risky plays, and there is a chance the Celtics will run away in this one, but the Kings are without DeMarcus Cousins, which opens up possibilities on both teams, to take full advantage. With no Cousins, we have should take a long look at Matt Barnes, Darren Collison and Ty Lawson as the names who will carry the offense, but also, don’t forget to take a look at Costa Koufas and Willy Cauley Stein as cheap options on the Kings.  The Celtics should shine in this game, and Isiah Thomas, Al Hortford and Jae Crowder are all worthy of consideration for tonight.

Going Cheap:  Brandon Ingram (LAL); Costa Koufas (SAC); Jahlil Okafor (PHI)

Going Big:  Isiah Thomas ( BOS); Kevin Love (CLE); Steph Curry (GSW)


Author: Eugene V

Just a huge sports fan looking for plenty of participants to discuss and debate sports - New York Knicks / New York Rangers / New York Jets / New York Mets / UFC / Fantasy Sports ( Draft Kings )

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