Draft Kings NBA – January 16, 2017

Names and Games:

Here are the Games and the Names I’ll be looking at, when building my line-up for today:

  • ATL vs NY:  It’s that same theme. Knicks defense continues to invite great match-ups and this afternoons game is no different.  This is a high ceiling game for Dwight Howard, Paul Millsap and Dennis Shreoder of the Hawks. The Knicks do warrant a look as Lance Thomas is out with an injury, and Porzingis is a game time call, so consider Kuzminkas as a cheap option with a good upside. If KP doesn’t go, Derek Rose gets a boost in his value as well.
  • POR vs WAS:  This should be high octane right after the tip-off.  Both teams like to push the ball and the the offense is all about the backcourt.  Both big men in this game, Marticn Gortat and Plumlee deserve a look. They can both put up solid numbers in this game.  Of course Lillard / McCallum and Wall / Beal are primed to have good numbers in a high scoring game
  • PHI vs MIL:  The 76ers are suddenly an exciting team full of DFS options. None of them are a sure thing, but Embiid is as close as you can come to one, and Covington is a nice mid-price option for your line-up as well.  Defensively, they continue to have their issues, and that makes it a great opportunity for The Greak Freak to shine in this game, but don’t forget about Jabari Parker as well in this one.

Going Cheap:  Midaugas Kuzminskas (NYK)

Going Big:  G. Antitokounmpto (MIL)


Author: Eugene V

Just a huge sports fan looking for plenty of participants to discuss and debate sports - New York Knicks / New York Rangers / New York Jets / New York Mets / UFC / Fantasy Sports ( Draft Kings )

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