Draft Kings NBA – January 12, 2017

The Games and Names:

Here are the games and some of the names I am focusing on for Draft Kings NBA taking place Thursday, January 12, 2017

  • NO vs BKLYN:  Brooklyn has a terrible defense, especially so in the back-court, so I love Jrue Holliday for tonight.  On the cheaper side, take a look at Buddy Hield, the streaky shooting guard for NO, who is getting minutes, is not afraid to shoot, and has a great match-up tonight. Could be a nice sleeper
  • CHI vs NY:  The Bulls deserve a look for two reasons.  Injuries = opportunities for guys who are cheap. Knicks = one of the worst defensive funks in the entire league.  The Bulls give us a few interesting options for tonight, starting with D. Wade being the main man on offense with no Butler available for this game.  Along with Wade we have Denzel Valentine for the Bulls, coming off a career game, which should earn him extended run tonight, vs. the terrible Knicks Defense. While on the Bulls, I don’t think Taj Gibson and Robin Lopez should be outside of your consideration either. The Knicks just can’t defend right now.  The Bulls have their own defensive issues, and while they are struggling on defense, the Knicks have some interesting options for tonight vs the Bulls.  Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose will def. be up and ready for this game, so they are worth a look if you are looking to score a couple of guys that won’t break the bank, and have a high ceiling tonight.  Melo of course, should continue to be an offensive force.
  • DET vs GSW:  The Warriors continue to be the greatest offensive team of recent memory, but it’s their defense that forces me to look at their opposition,  The Warriors give up a lot of offensive touches due to their own high octane style.  For this game, Andre Drummond has an opportunity to dominate the boards, while Tobias Harris and Reggis Jackson should have all the looks they can handle as long as DET keeps this a game.

GOING CHEAP:  Denzel Valentin (CHI); Buddy Hield (NO)

GOING BIG: Anthony Davis (NO); Kevin Durant (GSW); Carmelo Anthony (NYK)


Author: Eugene V

Just a huge sports fan looking for plenty of participants to discuss and debate sports - New York Knicks / New York Rangers / New York Jets / New York Mets / UFC / Fantasy Sports ( Draft Kings )

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